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Hosting websites

Registering domains

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Benefits Web site!

Exposure of their products and services

Displays your company

Powerful marketing tool

Keeps your business contactable 24 hours a day

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Advantages e-commerce

  • Online store starting at € 20 per month!

  • Control orders

  • Product Catalog configurable

  • Several systems of payment methods

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S.E.O - Search engine optimization

Your company in the first Google results

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portfolio Webdesign

To get to know a little more our portfolio of web design we here some more examples of websites created by us.

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S.E.O made by experienced professionals

Now you can see your company in the early Google results thanks to new search engine optimization from AZ Business
What is?

The S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) is basically an improvement in the search engines where you can have a better position in Google when searching for a certain Website.

You can have the best site in the world, with the best content in the world, a loyal audience and receive visits coming from social networks and other sites. But if search engines can not index your site, none of this will matter to SEO. The consequences of this will be serious, you will see in the text ...

The literal translation would be Search Engine Optimization. This means that SEO is a set of techniques that your site must contain so that the search tools can index it and position it in a good ranking.

With a good ranking you'll get a lot more site visits from organic (unpaid) searches for your site.

Organic searches are the searches we all do every day on search engines (like Google).

When creating websites, SEO can not be ignored because almost every aspect of your website influences SEO, some with a higher weight than others, but all are relevant to a good ranking of your site.

To have a good SEO, you should not only worry about adhering to all the techniques and leave your site framed in the elements that improve or worsen the ranking in the search engines.


Google's top position gets 18.2% of all traffic.
The second position receives 10.1%.
The third 7.2%.
The fourth 4.8%.
All other results less than 2%.

This is the strength of SEO, each keyword that your site is well positioned can make all the difference in your number of visits, consequently in the results of your site.
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